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Notes for Weiqian industrial tablet computers

Notes for Weiqian industrial tablet computers

Due to the complex and special application environment of industrial tablet computers, in order to ensure the normal operation of industrial tablet computers in daily operation, it is necessary to deal with the matters needing attention in the process of operation, so as to make industrial tablet computers play the best role in use. Here's what to look for:

One, the fuselage, system need daily attention to preventive maintenance: industrial tablet computer maintenance is very important, even if is a reliable industrial tablet there is no guarantee that never fails, so once a failure in the process of production, most likely to bring very serious losses, so its must pay attention to its fuselage and system for preventive maintenance.

Second, the use of the series in the process of debugging: because each production links all have different ways of production, for its demands is also different, so in a production before use, to some extent, must carry on the debugging process, which ensures that the play the largest role, note: in the process of debugging don't miss the errors in the details.

Three, to keep the body's daily clean: because industrial tablets in a complex environment for a long time, due to environmental problems, is likely to make the body produces a lot of dirt, so in order to ensure its not usually influenced by dirt, can indirectly promote the use of life at the same time, will need to keep the daily cleaning job.

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