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unctions and applications of industrial tablet computers

unctions and applications of industrial tablet computers

With the progress of The Times and the development of science and technology, mobile terminal products have made an indispensable contribution to improving people's quality of life. Of course, this is based on the progress of industry. With the diversification of industrial automation and wireless communication modes, simple manual operation can no longer meet the needs of large-scale terminal products. Can tablet ease of use be applied to industry? Is there an industrial tablet? In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost, shenzhen industrial tablet computer manufacturers are springing up like mushrooms, thus the industrial tablet computer is widely used in factories, enterprises and medical care.

Functions of industrial tablet computer:

The birth of industrial tablet computer, with the improvement of ERP, WMS, HIS and other systems, has laid a foundation for the realization of enterprise engineering management automation, intelligent storage management, medical information synchronization, improve production efficiency and save labor costs. The production line can be operated by touch control of industrial tablet computer, preventing the wrong connection and convenient installation. Enterprises can control purchasing and financial information through industrial tablet computers. Through industrial tablet computers, hospitals can achieve the synchronization of terminal information. Therefore, the birth of industrial tablet computer manufacturers has made outstanding contributions to the whole industrial field, information field and communication field.

1. Application of industrial tablet computer in MES industrial field: MES is the production process execution system of manufacturing enterprises, which is a production information management system for the workshop execution layer of manufacturing enterprises. It has strict requirements on the performance of industrial tablets, and high requirements on interface and processor platform. According to the demand, the industrial tablet should have multiple USB ports and serial ports at the same time (change according to the number of interfaces required by the customer on the site), and the power interface should use aviation head to ensure the stability in the use process, and the display screen should use industrial resistance screen to increase its durability and sensitivity.

2. Application of industrial tablet computer in vehicle control: vehicle control falls into two categories. One is the driving test control, and the other is the on-board display control. The driving test control requires the industrial plate with sufficient brightness, strong integrated control, clear sound quality, lightweight volume, and optional IP66 dustproof and waterproof level. Vehicle control class requires industrial plate brightness, touch sensitive, can be integrated control. According to customer requirements, this kind of vehicle control industry flat shell is made of lightweight materials; A corresponding reduction in the number of interfaces to control its thickness; Highly sensitive industrial display screen touch; The main board is the industrial control motherboard its integrated processing capacity is higher and faster than the ordinary motherboard; In addition, the speaker with clear sound quality has been added.

3. Application of industrial plate in the control field of laser industry: laser industrial processing is to use laser to illuminate the surface of materials to remove or melt materials or change the surface properties of materials, so as to achieve the purpose of processing. Industrial plates that work on such sites need to be able to install image software, connect multiple devices, run for long periods of time at high speeds, and be used in high temperatures. This kind of industrial tablet generally USES high-performance I series processors, USB port, serial port are about 4, before leaving the factory to carry out high temperature test.

4. Application of industrial flat plates in wharves, seaports, ships and other fields: the application sites of wharves, seaports, ships and other fields are damp and vibratory, and the communication signals are weak; In order to meet the production needs, the industrial tablet computer has been added with shock-proof and shock-proof tests before leaving the factory, and the panel protection level has been raised to IP65. The product has added 4G communication module and external signal antenna to enhance signal, so as to ensure the uninterrupted supply of communication signal.

5. Industrial plate application in food processing and other field applications: in food processing, some are directly eaten by people, and some are refined, so the instruments in the production process must be clean, pollution-free, can operate normally in a low temperature or high temperature environment, and can be used in a relatively humid environment. According to the requirements of the industrial plate in the production process is no dust, no static electricity, the whole machine to do IP65 protection, and before the factory to do -20℃ to 60℃ wide temperature test

6. Application of industrial panels in the solar photovoltaic market: the solar photovoltaic market is becoming larger and larger. In order to collect data of solar energy and surrounding environment in real time, customers need an integrated control industrial panel to observe and record data. According to demand, this kind of industrial tablet is small in size, high integration of motherboard, touchable operation requirements, with multiple USB and serial ports.

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