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Common Problems and Solutions of Industrial Touch Integrative Machine

With the continuous expansion of the application field of industrial touch-in-one machine, its market user groups are becoming more and more extensive nowadays. In the process of using the product, users will encounter some malfunctions more or less. In order to help users better use the industrial touch integrated machine, micro-encapsulation gives you a list of some of the most common malfunctions and treatment methods, together to understand.

1. How to solve the problem that the industrial touch-in-one computer screen is not satisfied with the screen?

If the screen of the industrial touch-in-one computer is not satisfied with the touch effect, please press the remote control menu, press the setting key next, and finally point-to-point in the zoom mode.

2. Why does the screen always wait for a while after switching the signal source?

The IDC controller has built-in picture processing chip. Every time the signal source is switched, the controller has to recalculate, so the picture always has several seconds waiting time.

3. The industrial touch-in-one machine runs normally, but there is no computer screen?

First confirm whether it is HDMI2 signal. When the screen does not display the "no signal source" buoy, please continue to wait, do not press any key, until the screen appears.

4. Why is the IDC controller not powered on?

Turn on the power supply of the industrial display, the indicator light of the industrial display will turn on, and the external signal can also be displayed on the display screen. The function of the non-industrial touch integrated machine of IDC controller is powered by the display screen through the special cable of IDC, so when users do not need the computer function of IDC controller, they can not need the power supply of the controller.

5. How to deal with the phenomenon of light leakage in touch screen integrative machine?

The monitor can be wiped or the protective film can be replaced. First, the screen is dismantled, then the outer polarizer and organic glass are cleaned with cotton balls and pure water, dried by air drum, and finally reassembled in a clean place. For some of the leakage is too obvious, you can also use black glue paper along the edge of the leakage.

6. Blue screen suddenly appears on industrial touch-in-one machine?

There are many reasons for the blue screen of industrial touch-in-one machine, both software and hardware. For example, does the software installed on the industrial touch machine conflict with the system? There is a conflict between the software and the software, the system files are damaged or the computer is poisoned.

If it is a blue screen caused by industrial touch-in-one software, the poisoning is not deep. Udisk or optical drive system can be used to solve the problem. If it is a hardware problem, 80% of the blue screen of industrial touch-in-one computer is in memory, followed by power transformer, some may be insufficient power supply, and finally the fan system may have problems such as CPU over-frequency.

Generally speaking, when the industrial touch-in-one machine fails, you can try the methods mentioned above to solve it. If it can't be solved, you need professional inspection or contact the manufacturer for repairs to solve the problem. Non-professional people are not allowed to disassemble the machine without authorization.

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