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The main purpose of industrial tablet

The main purpose of industrial tablet
The industrial tablet computer, which is no longer an unfamiliar concept on paper, has gradually replaced the traditional industrial computer in the industrial control industry. It has realized the functions of data collection, display and transmission, and the personalized customization function is stronger. It is more and more sought after by customers. Guangzhou Weiqian uses this article to analyze the main uses of industrial tablet computers.
The main feature of the industrial tablet is that its display can be rotated at will, generally using a liquid crystal screen less than 15 inches, and all are liquid crystal screens with touch recognition, which can be handwritten with an electromagnetic induction pen.
The industrial tablet PC runs the Windows operating system, which is very similar to the traditional Advantech IPC, North China IPC, and Siemens IPC. It comes with a detachable keyboard and can run applications under the Windows system. The tablet can also be used as a supplement to the desktop PC, adding handwriting entry and voice entry to the latter. In short, people will use PCs more frequently in new ways.
Let me talk about the pure tablet computer: it is the integration of the computer host and the digital LCD screen, and the handwriting input is its main input method. They emphasize the use in mobile, of course, they can be connected at any time through the USB port, infrared interface or other ports Keyboard / Mouse (Some manufacturers' tablet PC products use an external keyboard / mouse as an option). Tablets from ViewSonic, Lenovo, Fujitsu and other manufacturers fall into this category.
The second is the variable industrial tablet computer: that is, the keyboard and the computer host are integrated together, and the computer host is closely connected with the digital LCD screen through an ingenious structure. In use, when the LCD screen is lifted, the machine can be used as a notebook computer with digital ink and handwriting input / control functions. It is worth mentioning that this industrial tablet computer screen can not only be folded up and down, but also rotated by 180 °, so that it can more easily display the display screen to the user or other people beside the computer. In general, compared with pure tablet computers, variable tablets are closer to notebook computers.

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