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The application of Android industrial tablet

Introduction to the application of Android industrial tablet. Android industrial tablet plays an important role in our life. Weiqian Android industrial tablet in Guangzhou has user-friendly features, such as the camera supporting geographical indication, ambient light sensor, hot plug-in battery, user programmable button, electronic compass, gravity sensor, gyroscope, and Bluetooth, WLAN, GPS, LTE realize multi-functional communication. Please contact us for more details.

With the wide application of Android industrial tablet in the field of equipment point inspection and regular repair, it marks that the point inspection and regular repair handheld terminal ushered in the industry of intelligent point inspection. Therefore, in the operation and use of point inspectors, we must pay attention to some use matters, and understand the use and application of Android industrial tablet in point inspection and regular inspection.

1、 It is used for on-site patrol and spot inspection management of on-site production equipment. It is an industrial field equipment point inspection tool for & ldquo; offline & rdquo; information collection system and data communication with enterprise database management system. It is an auxiliary tool to realize the standardization, standardization and informatization of enterprise equipment management process.

Application fields: electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, manufacturing.

Applicable management: routine check time record, prompt routine check content, and equipment related data. Including: temperature measurement record, vibration measurement record, speed measurement record, meter reading data, observation data, on-site non-standard observation, code type data input. On site work order, work order management, maintenance work order management and defect management. General application process:

2、 Pay attention to the following items in the work operation:

1. When the spot detector is not used for a long time, take out the battery;

2. When charging the equipment, it must be carried out in a safe place. Charging in a dangerous place is strictly prohibited.

3. Do not aim the laser and laser directly at the eye or the reflecting plane;

4. The inspection and maintenance not detailed in the specification shall be handled by the company's approval personnel;

5. Do not remove or place batteries in hazardous locations.

6. During maintenance, it is not allowed to change the electrical parameters of the original circuit and the model, specification and parameters of components (including batteries, etc.) without authorization.

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