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Installation method and application introduction of industrial tablet

Installation method and application introduction of industrial tablet
Introduction to the installation method and application of industrial tablet computers. The following is an introduction from the Weiqian editor in Guangzhou, a supplier of handheld three-proof tablet PCs.
The typical application of an industrial tablet computer is to obtain external data through a standard serial port, through the calculation of the internal microprocessor of the computer, and then output through the display screen or through the serial port. A calculation process. Obviously, this is completely different from ordinary computer entertainment, office, programming applications.
The metal shell and industrial hardware used in industrial tablet computers can easily adapt to the harsh working environment, which is not possible with ordinary computers.
With the development of IPC technology, industrial control computers are increasingly used in all walks of life, not only in the field of industrial control, but with IPC, there must be industrial and other tablet computers. It is bulky and bulky, and it has not been too in-depth product development and application. Now with the large-scale production of LCDs and the reduction of costs, major global electronics manufacturers have invested in it, and some large companies have also launched their own industrial TFT LCD The liquid crystal module is derived from the industrial tablet computer products with the application market in the industrial field. He uses metal shells, with touch screen, anti-vibration, anti-interference and other advantages, and is widely used. According to the different installation methods of customers, we are roughly divided into the following different types of products:
1. Open industrial tablet PC;
2. Embedded industrial tablet;
3. Flip-chip industrial tablet computer;
4. Wall-mounted industrial tablet;
5. Rack-mounted industrial tablet PC.
1. Open industrial tablet PC: Open industrial tablet PC has no face frame shell, only internal. Most customers' applications are mainly due to its small size and exquisite shell. There is not much space to install a general tablet PC. Such as ATM machines, commercial POS, etc., are generally installed inside customer equipment.
2. Embedded industrial tablet computer: As the name implies, the embedded tablet computer is embedded in the customer's product. The customer's product requires a medium-to-large control cabinet. Our embedded tablet computer only has the panel, and the rest of the products are promoted to the customer's equipment The middle and the back are fixed with hooks, and there is no need to open any installation holes in other places.
3. Flip-Fold Industrial Tablet PC: Flip-Fold Industrial Tablet PC, as the name implies, is installed in the customer's cabinet and equipment in reverse. It is installed inside the client machine. The difference from the open type is that it has a shell and a power supply , His edge coincides with the edge of the customer's chassis, and is generally used in large and medium-sized equipment, such as power, machinery, and medical industries.
4. Wall-mounted industrial tablet computer: The characteristic of the wall-mounted industrial tablet computer is that it can be hung up, not only on the wall, most of them are installed on the customer's equipment, it can adjust the angle according to the customer's requirements , With the appropriate mounting arm, he can stay at any position for the user to watch, generally used in small, medium and large equipment.
5. Rack-mounted industrial tablet PC: Rack-mounted industrial tablet PCs are generally installed on a 19-inch cabinet, so his width is standard 19 inches, and the installation holes are opened according to the standard U number. It is generally used in large cabinets such as telecommunications, power, and large servers.

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