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Application of Embedded Industrial Control Integrated Machine in CNC Machine Tool

Application of Embedded Industrial Control Integrated Machine in CNC Machine Tool
CNC machine tools have realized the automation of processing, greatly reducing the product quality defects caused by the difference in the level of operators. The widespread application of CNC machine tools has become an inevitable development of modern machinery industry. The traditional CNC system is more suitable for the development of CNC technology such as networking, high precision and high speed. It is a masterpiece of the perfect fusion of precision machinery and computer technology. Based on the advantages of stable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, low cost and other advantages of embedded industrial computer, more and more CNC manufacturers use it as the front-end machine of CNC machine tools. Industrial computers integrate the input and output devices of traditional CNC machine tools with the functions of the control center, easily solving the problems of human-machine interface, programming, and network communication.
CNC machine tool is mainly composed of input, output device, numerical control device, PLC, servo system, detection feedback device and machine tool host. Embedded industrial computer The CNC machine tool of the embedded industrial computer is easier to operate. After the processing object is changed, you only need to manually input the command directly through the man-machine interface. After the command is processed by the control system, various control information is formed and sent to the servo system. Command the machine tool to perform various operations.
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